Our Principals and Subject Matter experts ALWAYS deliver quantifiable results. Thatís our DNA. Thatís what all our clients ultimately buy.

"Their greatest benefit to us was the ability to see the different options in the market and make the best decision in relation to the way we operate with multiple countries."

"They supported us in our challenge to improve marketing spend effectiveness and build capabilities for a direct-to-consumer launch."

"We were able to save over $10 million a year on a retail marketing program that was in thousands of our outlets."

"They provided us with an expert, independent view and plan through a structured process of benchmarking and discussion with all our agencies and suppliers."

"We micro-targeted a very distinct group of high-value prospects. The success of the program was well beyond expectations and nearly jammed our call center."

"We found ourselves in a situation where our advertising spend was increasing and our results were decreasing. They developed a data-driven solution and mixed in new media to reduce our spend and increase our marketing return."

For more details and specific industry case studies please contact John Minnec at jminnec@fusemsc.com